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Welcome to LDS Art Shop, an online art gallery showcasing the talents of various LDS and Christian artists. It is no secret that in today's society the strength of the home is more important than ever before. The world can be a spiritually and physically violent place, making it necessary to establish the home as a place of peace and refuge. Filling your home with paintings of the Savior Jesus Christ, LDS art work, images of families, and religious art of any kind will invite the Spirit and help to develop the calm, pleasant atmosphere that your family needs.

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LDS Art Categories & Descriptions

  • Art by Popular LDS Artists: Find art by well-known LDS artists like Liz Lemon Swindle, Robert A Boyd, Del Parson, Chad Hawkins and more. These talented individuals share their faith through their artwork.

  • Jesus Christ Art: We carry art of the life of the Savior throughout his life. From the infancy and youth of the young Jesus Christ, through His mortal ministry, and His post-resurrection ministry. We also carry several portraits by various LDS artists.

  • LDS Temple Art: With 139 currently operating temples, the church has experienced a rapid expansion of temples throughout the world. Of those 139 temples, we currently carry a variety of pieces for over 40 of those temples, and our selection continues to grow. We carry a variety framed art, unframed prints, and personalized art pieces for the Salt Lake City temple, Washington DC, Nauvoo, San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, Mt Timpanogos, and more.

  • LDS Temple Pictures: Well-known LDS photographer Robert A. Boyd captures the beauty and grandiose of the House of the Lord with over 250 quality photographs. These pieces are printed and coated on a high-quality giclee canvas print. Robert produces images of several temples from several points of view throughout the various seasons of the year.

  • Personalized LDS Art: Customized LDS art pieces are popular for wedding, anniversary and Christmas gifts. Have your family name, wedding date, and a family saying such as "Families are Forever" printed on your favorite temple. We also carry customizable pieces for priesthood holders, missionaries, and baby blessings. We also have a selection of wood and tile temple plaques.

  • Church History Art: Decorate your home with the rich history of the Church. From the restoration of the priesthood to the Prophet Joseph Smith, to the saints crossing the plains, these pieces show the great heritage that belongs to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

  • Art Decor: Looking for something different? Our selection of non-image wall art are great additions for accent walls. These pieces are unique and related to the church.

  • Other Art: Our "other" category contains many images suiting for a LDS home. These images are related to families, landscape art, or others involved in the scriptures or history of the church.

LDS Artwork | Temples, Jesus Christ, Personalized Art & More

Why Shop at LDS Art Shop?
At LDS Art Shop, we are determined to represent as many LDS artists as possible to help spread the joy that comes through inspired artwork. The LDS art work that we have available ranges from paintings to prints, photographs to personalized vintage temples, and even wall hangings and signs.

Thank you for taking the time to visit LDS Art We hope that you will find an inspired piece of LDS wall artwork that will bring the Spirit more abundantly into your home to remind you of the Savior Jesus Christ and the blessings of membership in His church.

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