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Mormon Art Paintings

Painting Mormon Artwork for LDS Families
To be a Mormon in today's society is no easy task. With all of the temptations and snares around us it is increasingly easy to get caught up in the world. At LDS Art Shop we try to help address this concern by providing Mormon artwork and inspirational paintings that reflect the ideals and beliefs of the Mormon church. We feel that any room filled with Mormon art work will be much more conducive to the Spirit and will remind all present of the beautiful Mormon ideals. Whether it be at home, work or play, any wall will be illuminated when decorated with a Mormon painting, or artwork from a Mormon artist.

In addition to the obvious benefits of the art work and paintings to a Mormon family, the painting can also be a great source of inspiration (and even an religious conversation ice-breaker) to non-member visitors. The peace and comfort felt when gazing into a painting of Christ, a painting of children & families, or any Mormon themed art paintings is undeniable by persons of any faith. A great way to express your beliefs as a Mormon is through the media and art that you choose to display in your home.

Mormon Artwork | Prints of Paintings

Framed Art Prints of Mormon Paintings
All of the Mormon art work and paintings on LDS Art Shop are high-quality prints or giclees of the original painting. We work closely with Mormon artists to provide the widest variety of paintings and artwork suitable for a Mormon family. At times we will choose to represent non-Mormon artists as well if their artwork and paintings are Christian-themed and respresent the ideals that we celebrate in the Mormon church. Most of our paintings can be framed with a variety of quality frames. Simply click on the painting that you are interested in to view the artwork framing options.

LDS Art Shop is owned and operated by Mormon families. We work hard to emphasize honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction in all of our interactions with clients. If you have any questions about our Mormon artwork in general or about any specific painting in our gallery, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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